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tpo-26 - Writing - question2
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When choosing a life career, the advice of a parent can be quite decisive. Many parents encourage their children to live the life they themselves have only dreamed of, and try a very different job from their own. Nevertheless, in most cases, I believe it would be more beneficial for the child, the parent and the society alike if children followed in the footsteps of their parents when choosing a job.
One of the most obvious reasons is that it paves a more convenient way to success for the children. Children who share similar occupations with their parents can at least inherit the experiences of the parent, which would save them much time and energy along the way. The parents, who have already had decades of trial and failure in the field, would have a clear idea of what kind of knowledge and quality is required for the job. In that case, they would be able to better prepare the children for the job, and give them helpful suggestions along their career development. Moreover, experience is not the only thing children can inherit from their parents. A businessman can provide his son a shortcut to success by leaving him an already well-run company, and a politician can leave his children the connections they would need in order to win sufficient support.
Another thing is that a similar career is likely to strengthen the parent-child bond. In such a fast-paced modernized world, parents often complain that they are losing their child to busy schedules and a digital social world they feel distant from. But generation gaps are easily bridged when parents can often exchange career ideas with their children.
However different the lifestyles of two generations may be, the questions they have to face in a similar job can always be a good topic of conversation. Personally, I feel closest to my grandfather when he shares with me his frustrations and wisdoms of reporting for a national newspaper before he retired, because I may come across similar challenges in my pursuit of a degree in journalism. He is the first person I turn to whenever I need professional guidance, and I feel like I can always trust him and count on him. It should work the same for most parent-and-child relationships. As a career mentor, a parent can bond with the child in more profound ways.
Last but not least, to choose a similar job as the parent is actually a conservation of social resources. As the parent can act as a career mentor for the child, the time and energy spent preparing the novice outside the home can be spared. People would go into the workforce with a rather comprehensive idea of what to expect, and start putting their knowledge and talent into rightful use as soon as possible.
Given the three reasons I just illustrated, it can be a smart decision if children choose similar jobs as their parents. It would benefit their personal success, their family relationships, as well as the efficacy of the society.

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题目: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better for children to choose jobs that are similar to their parents’ jobs than to choose jobs that are very different from their parents’ job. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
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